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Episode Numero Dos of #WhateverWeWantWednesdays with Whatever Lola Wants Podcast!

Ayyyyye!!! Issssss warming up over here, 2 episodes in!

Episode Numero Uno of #WhateverWeWantWednesdays with Whatever Lola Wants Podcast!

Welcome to the very first cast of Whatever Lola Wants! Thanks for showing my creation some 💛!!! Lissen to Episode Uno here. Leave me some Likes and Comments, let me know what’s up! Click the images below for info from this week’s podcast topics. #GoodNews #BlackiddyBlack #WhatsDoin


‘No Spectators’: ‘Burning Man’ festival comes to D.C.

This was the first year that I seriously considered attending Burning Man. Although circumstances dictated otherwise, in the way of the Universe, I stumbled upon the ‘No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man‘ exhibit at the Renwick Gallery here in DC. Admittedly, although I have been interested in attending the festival for years, I knewContinue reading “‘No Spectators’: ‘Burning Man’ festival comes to D.C.”

D.C. Lovin’

I came to D.C. earlier in the spring and fell in love with it. As a Writer, I live with the greatest excitement in being able to share my experiences. So for the three months total that I have spent here, I have been taking pictures and notes in order to paint D.C. as IContinue reading “D.C. Lovin’”