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Episode Tres of #WhateverWeWantWednesdays with Whatever Lola Wants Podcast!

Third time’s a charm! Listen here. Leave me some love and some letters, let me know how ya feel! Also, link with me on IG, @_What.Ever.Lola.Wants_ if you haven’t already. Click the images below for links to each of this week’s podcast topics: #GOODNEWS #BlackiddyBlack #GoingsOns #ChefItUp Veggie Black Bean Patties with Creamy Carrot GritsContinue reading “Episode Tres of #WhateverWeWantWednesdays with Whatever Lola Wants Podcast!”


Episode Numero Dos of #WhateverWeWantWednesdays with Whatever Lola Wants Podcast!

Ayyyyye!!! Issssss warming up over here, 2 episodes in!


It is the most asinine thing for Sherriff Gonzalez to state that it is somehow irresponsible to automatically consider the incident racially motivated… THIS. IS. AMERICA. Both historically and contextually, it is the only plausible motive that makes sense. Immediately so. Simply because he didn’t shout “NIGGERS” at the top of his lungs as heContinue reading “#JazmineBarnes”