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New outlets, same love. <3

Doing a lot of new stuff in new places and I’d love to reconnect! Find me on Buy Me a Coffee!

and on Medium

It’s all Love!

Lola ❤


Whatever Lola Wants Vlog Podcast 2/10/21

Hey you, heyyyyy!!!

I brought you EVERYTHANG. 💋💋💋

We Kiki this week (duh!) but then get down to THE BIZZNAYEE. Spring is coming and we’re trying lock in the knowledge and all the resources 💶 needed to BLOOM. 🌻

Going forward I will be putting more into what I have to SHARE with you all as my fellow Black Creatives. Things that will help us ground, grow, and get busy. If you come across some info you think belongs on the vlog, don’t hesitate to share it with me via email or DM on IG. Remember, there is more than enough for is all. 💛

Catch this week’s Vlog HERE.

Whatever Lola Wants Vlog Podcast 2/3/21

Hey you, heyyy!!! Glad to see you here, boo!

This week I brought you ALL the coins. This is indeed #WHERETHEMONEYRESIDES. 🤑Catch the episode here.

Thanks or whatever for watching another Whatever Lola Wants. You know I love you, right? Yes, YOU. 💋

Thanks to fellow Youtuber @FaceOverMatter for helping me get my headwrap life together. 💋

Intro and Outro song: ‘Secret Sauce’ by Jeff Kaale.

Whatever Lola Wants Vlog Podcast 1/27/21

Annnnnnnnnd we’re back!!!

After one helluva hiatus, this show is back on the road! Glad to be back, and so so glad you are here. (Yes, YOU in particular)

I’ve been working out the kinks of videoland as I go HOWEVER–
I DO like the way this new format feels. 😊😊😊

Watch this week’s episode here (YAY), and find the links below.

P.S. Leave me some lovin’, why dontcha? 🖤

Episode Twaalf (Twelve) of #WhateverWeWantWednesdays with Whatever Lola Wants Podcast!

Universe got me like…

We made it for 7 more go rounds on this here planet, so welcome back to #WhateverWeWantWednesdays.

Remember when I said that I was revamping the show? This week and each week is gonna be a little different.

The new segment #UpForDiscussion is taking over and Imma let it. Assigned last week for discussion this week was HBO’s ‘Native Son’ film, directed by Rashid Johnson.

Listen here.

FYI, selected this week for discussion next week is *DRUMROLL PLEASE*

Ava DuVernay’s ‘When They See Us’.

Yeah. We’re going there. Join us.

I need your opinions, feedback and input. So be sure to leave me a comment or reply here or on IG. Then listen next week for a spotlight!

Episode Elf (Eleven) of #WhateverWeWantWednesdays with Whatever Lola Wants Podcast!

New moon, new language (Afrikaans), who dis?

Of course that means I have some newness for you too. Listen to this week’s episode here.

Episode Diez of #WhateverWeWantWednesdays with Whatever Lola Wants Podcast!

*Me surrounded by my the love of the Universe and my Ancestors, covered in protection and filled with gratitude*

I’m just trying to live my BEST life, okay? Camp drama included.

The podcast will catch up soon, listen to this week’s episode here.

Episode Nueve of #WhateverWeWantWednesdays with Whatever Lola Wants Podcast!

I’m starting to think you like me or sum’n… 👀👀👀

WELCOME BACK for Episode NUEVE and HAPPY MAY. A whole new month FULL of new opportunities and new experiences just WAITING for you. No pressure, I’m just saying.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t carve out a second of remembrance for the man, John Singleton. May we each be fortunate enough to grasp even a small piece of the purpose and creativity that he embodied, that is now available in universal consciousness. My most positive energy to his family and close feiends.

🔥Here’s to carrying the torch🔥

Listen to this week’s episode here.

Episode Ocho of #WhateverWeWantWednesdays with Whatever Lola Wants Podcast!


These be the shortest and the longest weeks, at the SAME. DAMN. TIME. I am coming off of a 3-day mini-cation like I need 3 more days. I’m TIDE. How tho, Sway?

Anyhow, thanks for joining me yet again. Welcome to Episode Ocho. Enjoy.

Episode Siete of #WhateverWeWantWednesdays with Whatever Lola Wants Podcast!

This week made me remember why I chose Wednesdays for the Podcast in the first place– mid-week is wild, for REAL. 🤷🏽‍♀️ ESPECIALLY with the long weekend coming up…

Still– Welcome back! Got nothin but sauce this week, 👉🏽rightchea👈🏽.